Tutorial: Express yourself with over 1000 Smilies / Emoticons!

Hey we love smilies.... a little too much. So we have added over 1000 smilies-emoticons to the forums for you to express your every post with!

When you create a post or reply to a thread, you will see the 24 basic, yet cute emoticons available for you to use.

But if you click on [More] another window will open with tons of new ones to choose from.

I have sorted them into catagories to help you choose!

Each emoticon besides your basic codes will have a unique word code inside of 2 colons like these examples :dragon: :laugh22: :jump7:

When you click the ones you want to insert into your post the codes will automatically paste into your post.

Under each emoticon is a code when you pull up the page, so you can write your favorite codes down for easy use later, and then you will not have to pull up the page for each one.

I hope you enjoy the selection, and if you find a must-have emoticon for us, please let me know!