Your user profile on IDW can really be an expression of who you are! This includes adding user albums.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be on the full site (not the mobile version or tapatalk) to create a user album.

To begin, click on "My Profile" in the upper right side of the forum.

Scroll down to where it notes User albums. Click "Add Album"

(if you already have an album, click on it to add pictures or click More to add another album)

Create your album type, then click "Save Changes"

On the next screen, click "Upload Photos", then "ADD FILES"

Once your files are uploaded click done, you will now be able to edit the names/descriptions of each photo, otherwise they will be named whatever you uploaded them as.

Save your changes and you are done!

User album photos that are set to "public" will show up randomly on our ID World page.