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Thread: Member Spotlight: Rena

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    Member Spotlight: Rena

    It's time to begin, isn't it?
    I get a little bit bigger but then I'll admit
    I'm just the same as I was
    Now don't you understand
    That I'm never changing who I am

    Hello Firebreathers! My real name is Polina, I`m 18. I`m from Ukraine, but currently I`m studying in the United Kingdom, in Cardiff. I`m a fist-year Pharmacy student, who hopes to become a professional one day and make a difference in helping people and developing new life-saving drugs. (Although I wish music could cure everything...)

    Studying abroad is one of the most important changes in my life, I really enjoy every moment of my students` life at Cardiff University.

    I don`t have any particular hobbies, but there are certain things which I`m extremely passionate about. Firstly, I love travelling. I am fortunate enough to have a family who shares my obsession(especially my mother), so I have been to 14 countries so far. It is the main source of emotions and greatest memories, so without travelling I wouldn`t be who I am now.

    Also, just recently I used to be very geeky about series and TV shows. I`ve watched loads of them, but now I`m kinda slightly fed up. Of course, I enjoy reading too, but I don`t always have time to do it. I also like various computer and board games.(even joined a student`s society in my Uni haha)

    And! One thing that is of the highest importance for me is Music. I`ve been to many concerts and I love all of them, but there is one band, which will always be special for me...

    Imagine Dragons!

    Now I think it`s time to tell you the story of becoming a Firebreather. Well, first of all I need to thank my classmate. Two years ago in Ukraine "Radioactive" was played everywhere. Everyone listened to it and loved it. And as I am a very stubborn person sometimes, I at first refused to listen to this song properly, because I didn`t like how everyone was obsessed with it. But then my classmate literally MADE ME listen, and I fell in love that very moment. However, I didn`t become a fan from that point, I still had a loooong way to go. For some time I knew only Radioactive and didn`t care about the band or other songs at all. After a while I asked my internet-friend(who is a firebreather) to suggest me some other Imagine Dragons` songs. From those I chose Monster, Ready Aim Fire! and Demons. The last one became my obsession for almost another year. "Demons" opened up my soul, it saved from many days of low and hopeless mood. It was my very first Imagine Dragons` love. But again, for another year I knew only 4 songs and I wasn`t going to know more. Then my desire of new songs repeated again, and so I added 7 new songs to my top-list. But Demons remained my most favourite.
    And last February I was in my Uni, printing my tickets for another concert, and suddenly I saw, that in November Imagine Dragons are coming to Cardiff. I literally SCREAMED from excitement. I don`t even know why I was so happy(by that time I only knew roughly 15 songs), but it gave me a huge impulse of love towards this brilliant band. So I bought tickets 9 month and 1 day before the concert(it`s like my baby ), and here my proper firebreather`s phase starts. All spring and all summer I listened only to Imagine Dragons, knowing more and more songs every time. During this time my favorite song changed many times, but now there is one that means the most to me. The Fall. Honestly, at first I didn`t have such emotions about it, I even thought that it should not be an encore for the concert, because I thought it`s too sad. My opinion changed during the summer, as this song started to remind me about one of the happiest and the most beautiful memories, which would be too difficult to describe, so apologize for missing this bit out.
    As the time came closer, I became more and more obsessed and nervous: I had three nightmares about everything going wrong during the concert and this is what I was really scared of the most.
    And then it came, 11th of November. No words can actually describe how fantastic, beautiful, amazing, brilliant and just perfect it was! I was standing in a second row, just in the middle, where Dan spent the most time. I could have started a very long description of the show, but I won`t - you all probably know how it feels. I just say - it was the best night of my life.
    (by the way, here are some photos with me and my friend, and our preparations for the concert. she had to comfort me all night after the concert was over And of course DAN - the most brilliant human being on this Earth)
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    After the concert I was struggling to fight post-concert depression, which made me cry for five days(I`m too emotional sometimes ) However, after I calmed down I felt an extreme boost in inspiration and a desire to do something good, to change my life and to make a difference. Especially after I found out Dan`s announcement about Ankylosing Spondylitis. I suddenly realized that my studies actually mean a lot, and when becoming a good Pharmacist I can truly make a huge difference.

    So, what about my changes? I only started to do something, so I won`t be talking about it right now. I only hope that one day I will be proud to tell you about something really worth living for. One of my biggest wishes is to be able to say one simple "Thank you" to Imagine Dragons and to Dan especially.
    And, of course, before I die I need to see Imagine Dragons at least one more time xDD

    This band will always be the best for me.

    ...I know I still didn`t tell you much about myself, but it would be very difficult to pick the most important facts and stories without making this thread as long as a proper book xD So thank you very much, I`m very proud to be in this nice and kind Firebreather family.

    p.s. apologize for my mistakes in spelling and grammar ^^"
    Imagine Dragons saved my life.(c)

    I'm ready for the Fall

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    Rena!!! I loved reading your "Imagine Dragons Story"! Thank you SO much for sharing it with us! Your grammar is pretty good too, and of course we only speak Imagine Dragons here.

    "I'm a first class let down, I'm a shut up sit down..... I am a head case, I am the color of BOOM!"

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