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If I haven't reminded you lately, Dan Reynolds gives me hope for the future. It's been one of those weeks in which I feel like switching off the T.V. and shielding myself from the news. Ignoring the problem won't go away.
My hero Dan had some very fitting words to say. Aja also made a beautiful statement on Instagram.

I want to live a life like that!  Dan and Aja ask for peace.☮️-img_3614-jpg

Dan said on Twitter, "No child is born racist. It is a taught and learned concept. Both are primative and dangerous. It has no place in 2017 or this country. If we stand and watch it persist, we are but wasted voices. Wasted bodies. Wasted platforms. We must speak for PEACE & EQUALITY. Violence is never the answer, even when the pain and hurt are overwhelming. March in peace. Speak with truth and power. Rally for love."

Aja posted on Instagram, "Growing up, racism and bigotry were only things I read about in books and saw in movies. I remember reading "Night" by Elle Wiesel and "Apt Pupil" by Stephen King. I saw movies like "A Time To Kill" with Matthew McConaughey and "Boys Don't Cry" with Hillary Swank. I would watch in terror as if I were watching a fictional horror film. I was always relieved to come back to my sheltered life, where people treated each other with respect, for the most part.

The internet definitely changed that. It allowed me to see the realities of the world. What I thought weren't realities of the past, were actually alive and bubbling below the surface. They were in every country,every city around the world. What a foreign concept. To actually believe that one was born better or above another being. To believe whatever powers that be, made one person better or more "right" than another.

Today, I am astonished. I can't believe that people have such hate and ego in their hearts. The sad thing is that I am realizing that these people exist in every community. I hear and read snide remarks from distant family members and friends. I see unimaginable statistics. Now we have a president that perpetuates aggressive behavior and is a pacifist to the racist acts being committed under his reign. We are living in what feels like a nightmare. On some level, I am grateful that these things are coming to the surface. I am grateful to see the ugliness that has always been there. It's becoming more obvious, which makes it easier to identify.

Bigotry is learned. We aren't born with hate in our hearts. We learn to hate just as we learn language as a small child. We are taught to practice it by the people who practice it. We cannot stand by any longer. When we hear things that make us uncomfortable, we can't nervously laugh and change the subject. We can't try to preserve relationships by pretending we didn't hear. We can't ignore ugliness that is covertly displayed. We are then guilty. We are allowing it to continue. We are part of the language of hate. We allow it to exist. We pretend it is okay when it is not.

If you are a bystander, stand up to hate. If you are someone who truly believes that you are somehow superior to others, I strongly suggest you step back and question the source from which you got that information. It's false. We are all equal in this world. We are all valuable. We are all animated entities that have been given the miraculous opportunity to exist in this moment. Step back and learn to respect the miracle of life. Learn a new language. A language of love so that we can begin to focus on the beauty and progressiveness. We are all basically aliens here. Floating through space on a heavy gravity planet. None of us look like each other. Get used to it. Have a more objective viewpoint. We are destroying the Earth and destroying each other like idiots. How selfish can a species possibly be? Okay...deep breaths...I'm going to practice my love language now. X Aja"

I want to live a life like that!  Dan and Aja ask for peace.☮️-img_2503-jpg
Aja also posted this photo. So nice to hear voices added to the rally for peace and love.