🎵The more I stray the less I fear
🎵And the more I reach the more I fade away
🎵The darkness right in front of me
🎵Oh it's calling out and I won't walk away
Imagine Dragons
Rise Up

If I had to list all of the reasons Dan Reynolds is my hero I might have to ask you if you've got all day? I think his honesty is one of his best traits. His music comes from the heart so when we play music by Imagine Dragons it's almost like reading a chapter from Dan's diary.

On the other hand, Dan often likes to leave the interpretation of the music up to the listener. Yesterday, Dan was asked if Believer was a song about religion. His answer was amazing!

"Sure, in saying ďbeliever,Ē what I was actually speaking of was being a believer in myself and pain is really what has given me confidence and what has ended up giving me the tools that I needed to achieve my goals. If it wasnít for depression, I wouldíve never turned to art. I wouldíve never written a song. I turned to music because I was in such a dark place and I didnít know how to express myself and I found that music was an outlet for me and it gave me a lot of peace, turning to music and expressing myself through it. And also, criticism. Criticism throughout the years, especially when youíre in the spotlight, the voices of people who love you are going to be loud and the voices of people who hate you are going to be just as loud if not louder so you can either shrivel up in a ball on the ground, curl up and be afraid or you can stand up even a little taller and be a little more impassioned. So the basis of that song is that whether itís disease, whether itís spiritual confusion, whether itís depression, whatever it is, itís always led me to higher ground because I choose to not to let it push me down. I choose to just, hopefully, be stronger through trials."
Dan Reynolds
Interview with Morgan Jones

🎵The more I reach the more I fade away...-img_2384-jpg
(From Aja's Instagram)
Accompanying this photo by Aja were the words, "This man will change the world."
I suggest he already has changed the world!