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Thread: ❤️Love Loud August 26, 2017 More Words From Dan

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    ❤️Love Loud August 26, 2017 More Words From Dan

    Dan Reynolds told an Interviewer at Rock Wercher, " We live in a world of Instagram where everybody is posting, you know, their greatest moments of life. I think that's destructive to society. I think we should find unity in our weaknesses, and yeah, I think it's important to talk about it and understand you're not alone in it."

    ❤️Love Loud August 26, 2017 More Words From Dan-img_1461-jpg❤️Love Loud August 26, 2017 More Words From Dan-img_1462-jpg❤️Love Loud August 26, 2017 More Words From Dan-img_1463-jpg

    From Imagine Dragons' summer festival tour, Dan sent a series of tweets.
    "Mormons are generally good hearted people. So are most people of faith-people of orthodox religion. People of nondenominational churches. Agnostics. Atheists. I've met incredible people of all sorts in my travels.

    At times, my faith is nonexistent. Some days, I don't know if there is a God. But some days I have a glimmer of hope. Something in me yearns to believe in something bigger than myself. Something more after this life. More so than ever since I've had a little girl. I desperately want her to know she will see me again when I pass on. Will she? I don't know the answer right now. I hope.

    I believe there are millions of people of orthodox religion that believe what I do: that there is a God, that God doesn't believe that being LGBTQ is 'sinful' or 'wrong". There are also millions who just feel conflicted about this. They feel like they have to choose between their faith and their heart. What does it mean to completely love and accept others?

    I believe this: To tell your child that they are destined to live as 'broken' or needing to 'change' something that I'SNT broken and is UNchangeable is setting them up for a life of heartbreak and failure.

    I believe that we are part of a community that perpetuates the notion that being gay is somehow 'wrong', we are setting up our LGBTQ friends and family for a life old hell. A life of feeling lesser. I life of being marginalized and feeling judged.

    I will no longer stand by and watch our LQGTQ youth take their lives, feeling as though they have no worth. They have no real answer. I believe they are perfect just the way they are.

    In general, Mormons, and people of orthodox faith are not bigoted people. Most are loving people. But their faith binds them to a principle that is hurting our community and world. It is no longer debatable. There is factual data that shows our LGBTQ youth can NOT change their sexual orientation. They cannot be 'changed'. We also know through countless studies and evidences that if we don't completely accept them and their lifestyles in our community, we are contributing to their lives being much more fragile and damaged. We are contributing to suicide. We are contributing to higher drug use. We cannot stand by and watch our youth take their lives any longer. We must stand up in unity. We must show them they are loved and accepted. Completely. Let us LOVELOUD together through music and word August 26th in Provo UT."

    ❤️Love Loud August 26, 2017 More Words From Dan-img_2689-jpg

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