There is a new Dragons project and it seems really amazing!! The following tweet is by @Unkn0wnDragon.
A new Dragons project...unlike any I've seen!-thisisittheapocalypse-jpg
The full post reads:
"I am going to be working with [@bennettdolphin] and @imagine_foxes to create an imagine dragons fanfiction. We would like to include as many fandom members as possible so if you would like to be in it please fill out the form that I have linked to this tweet. We didn't want a typical fanfic so we wanted to make it interesting by throwing us all (and the dragons) in a zombie apocalypse! The story will be a lot of fun and the more people we get in it the better it will become! We will put the story on Wattpad when we release the chapters and we will tweet links! Thanks for participating!"
The Google Form to complete if you want to be involved is here:

I've submitted a form already, I think this will be an incredible project!