Well if you are anything like me, you have spent the greater part of the past week working on getting your tickets for the Imagine Dragons Evolve tour!

Spent most of last week sharing, messaging, and quite frankly begging my friends, family, fellow music lovers and game players.... anyone really..... to register on my presale link.

Somewhere around Friday I think I gave up. LOL

I still had a great spot for the presale. So this is where the chaos really began for me!!!!

I got my link, my code, and when I go to ticket master it would NOT let me choose my seats or show me a map!!!!

I find several maps online, and none of them had General Admission. Nor could I get General Admission or PIT tickets to show up.

After about 20 minutes goes by, I give up and just buy the Sucker For Pain VIP for my husband and I, because we must meet them! Even if it means not paying the bills.

Then, shortly after, I find "floor" tickets for a lot less, so I go ahead and get those, thinking those MUST be GA or PIT tickets! Well come to find out, no they were not-- they are seats. At least they are aisle seats.

So apologizing profusely to my hubby for spending extra-- we figure we could bring 2 of our kids or resell them. No Big Deal.

THEN...... later on that day I look at tickets again and BOOM- there is the map and you can pick your own seats. (which is how I finally found out my floor seats were not GA).

I call ticketmaster and they say there is no refunds, nothing they can do.

Then I find out about the AT&T presale, so I get my code and check it out the next morning. Well, I got my two GA tickets and ready to hit purchase, and I get a message on the screen that says "too many people are trying to get tickets for this event, let us find seats for you" and my tickets were GONE!!!!

So UGH!!!! I was so mad I was yelling at the computer. I refreshed, researched, and the dang ticketmaster website would NOT let me pick.

After about 30 minutes of calling ticketmaster and yelling and cursing, the page finally refreshed.

But of course those tickets were gone.

But.... I did find 2 tickets in the Sucker for Pain VIP package--- and I had no choice, I had to get them.

Sorry to my husband, and to my bills that need to be paid.... but this is Imagine Dragons and I will do whatever it takes!!!!!

So now I'm broke but happy. And have 4 tickets I don't need!!!!! And I've learned a valuable lesson from stupid ticketmaster!!!!

So do you have a story to share?