Aja Volkman posted the reasons she didn't jump out of a plane in emojified manner!
That makes me love her even more!
A text conversation with me might contain 100% emojis!
Sadly there is no parachute emoji on my phone.

Aja said, "I'm pretty sure this is Dan's favorite day ever even though he looks a little 😳Skydiving. I'm not super thrilled about the situation. Luckily I had a great excuse not to go. But look at those brothers. ❤️So cute."

If a dragon jumped out of a plane would you?✈️-img_3135-jpgIf a dragon jumped out of a plane would you?✈️-img_3134-jpgIf a dragon jumped out of a plane would you?✈️-img_3137-jpg

I would definitely try skydiving! I'm not surprised to see Dan Reynolds jumping out of a plane after he he flew through the audience suspended on wires during the Night Visions tour and bungee jumped off of a tall building for the Shots Brolier Remix. I wouldn't be surprised if he brought out a rocket pack for the next world tour!

In the latest interview with Dan he talks about designing the sets for Imagine Dragons concert tours and gives a shout out to The Moth and the Flame and his former drummer, Andrew Tolman!