The interviewer, GregR from 107.7 The End, asked Dan Reynolds if he wrote Believer before or after being approached by Nintendo Switch to provide a score for the commercial which first aired during the Super Bowl.

Would that even be a question for most true fans?

The interview got more awkward when he asked Dan about his favorite dog and Dan said that his Black Lab, a childhood pet for 16 years had just passed away. The subject was quickly changed. How sad.

Which came first? Nintendo advertisement or Believer?-img_3128-jpg

There's a New Imagine Dragons Album in the Works | 107.7 The End

The most exciting news from the interview was that there is a release date for album 3.

Will he tell us?


I was prepared for more smoke and mirrors on that answer.

Dan also spoke up against texting and driving. I really appreciate his support on that issue!