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Imagine Dragons

I was very excited when Imagine Dragons did a question and answer session on Twitter! I was also quite sad the rest of the day because they didn't notice my messages. I know my Tweets show up because they follow me! Upwards of 21,000 Tweets sent and not one response or retweet. I'm trying to think positive and hope that this is my year.

You Asked Imagine Dragons What!?-img_2851-jpg
A 30 minute warning was pretty awesome!

You Asked Imagine Dragons What!?-img_2850-jpg

You Asked Imagine Dragons What!?-img_2852-jpg
They said their favorite emoji was a Unicorn! Wow! I completely expected them to say dragon!

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This was my 2nd favorite Tweet! I laughed so much!

You Asked Imagine Dragons What!?-img_2855-jpg
This is beautiful advice!

Anastasia asked: Dear Platz, how can you eat such a lot and don't get fat? Can you tell me your secret please?
ID: I want Platzman to answer this for me too. Love Dan.

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This is exactly the response I imagined from Emo Dan!

When asked to explain the picture Imagine Dragons replied, "Can't!"
Aja later said the picture was from Halloween in 2010.

When asked how many songs on the third album..
ID: All of them.

@firevisions begged, "Something about album 3?????????????SOMETHING
ID: More musics.

@loveyoutakecare asked what was the last thing ID had to eat?
ID: last thing I ate was an ego waffle sandwich with peanut butter and jelly.

Julian asked, "What's your favorite band?
ID: The Beatles.

Jacob Ziegler asked, "French toast crunch or Cinnamon Toast Crunch??
ID: Ctc is so good but it's a double edged sword. literally. My mouth gets so torn apart. Conflicted...

@me_mythical asked, "Do you have a favorite meme?
ID: There is only one meme. And its name is HARAMBE.

@uniquexdan said, "I'm mad because I know you won't answer me
ID: reverse psychology works... sometimes...

@heavy_dirty_ust said, "Explain me something:
Wayne, pool, guitar
ID: oh that...it was a rough day. But I'm fine now. Long story...

@emilyteilly asked, "Is Wayne's guitar okay?"
ID: honestly? It really isn't...

@dp_dragons asked, "Is believer going to be the name of the album too?"

@amyraudenfeels asked, "With this third album, do you hope to have a hit again or you just want to make music for your fans?
ID: fans first ALWAYS. You're the ones who enable us to do what we love by coming to shows and supporting us.

@di_samantha asked, "Who created the cover art for Believer and what was the reason behind it?
ID: it symbolizes a lot for us. But one thing is the transition from a dark period of searching to a point of arrival. Color. Life.

@aaaiapassarelli said, "Are you already working on A BELIEVER video?"

@belacaproni said, "Challenge me to do something and I will post the result."
ID: putting together a challenge for all of us surrounding Believer actually. Something we can all face together. Excited. Nervous.

@americanxmoney said, "Are you all together right now?
ID: always in spirit

@amaljes asked, "OK one more: worst word to exist?
ID: tubular

@EleTheTVFreak asked, "How do you block out all of the white noise?"
ID: People will always hate you. That's O.K. People will love you. They are your people. Never change who you are to please others.

@isthisinmyhead asked, "Polka dots or stripes?"
ID:Why not both?

@bicuriousx asked, "How to deal with anxiety?"
ID: Every day is different. Do things you love. Find things that bring U peace. Take breaks from social media. Have good conversation. You aren't alone. And you aren't broken. Millions have the same diagnosis. We all can thrive together and channel it 2 b strength.
(This was my favorite Tweet of the session!)

@longislander said, "Tell Wayne he hasn't been doing a very good job with social media."
ID: Long hair don't care.

@_brxinwashed asked, "Is this the Q&A where you are going to answer me or is it the next one?"
ID: It is actually this one.

@CaptainZapper asked,"Plese say something to me my phone is at 2%"
ID: Does anyone have a charger @CaptainZapper can use?

What an exciting time to be on Twitter and I'm here to tell you Imagine Dragons sure can send Tweets quickly! Wondering about the challenge surrounding Believer has kept me up at night! Do we already have the clues in the artwork for Believer or possibly in the current Imagine Dragons cover photos?
Please, Imagine Dragons, I have about a thousand more questions!

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