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Thread: I Still Need A Minute!

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    I Still Need A Minute!

    I Still Need A Minute!-image-jpg
    🎵"The land of smash and fairy tale

    🎵The truth of life is close to Hell

    🎵The best you'll be is nearly dead or failed

    🎵So when you see me look the other way

    🎵'Cause-Oh, oh-lately all I do is say

    🎵These plans I make believe all come with me."

    Imagine Dragons
    I Need a Minute💥🐲

    Hopefully, I am not the only one that gets songs stuck in my head?
    I was a finalist in the Polaroid Stories project. 😍Dan Reynolds read my story!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I did my pre interview with Matt Eastin. Matt worked on the videos for I'm On Top of the World, Shots Remix, and Roots. The first thing I asked Matt was if it was him Ben was talking to at the end of Shots Remix and did he feel guilty for making Ben throw up?😂(He said, "Yes!) I told him only Dan could bungee jump off of a tall building without missing a note!🙈 Matt agreed that Dan is a true professional.
    Just days before my on camera interview, I got an E-mail saying the project was being cancelled. I sure was a tearful little dragon. I still think it is pretty amazing that Dan realizes at his young age that everyone has a story. It is extremely touching that he asked for our stories and he got to read how much Imagine Dragons means to me! I am sill on top of the World!🌎
    I didn't have a happy life. I work every day on trying to create one. Reaching out to all of you Firebreathers is a big step for me! I mean it from my heart that the kindness of Matt and all of Imagine Dragons and Firebreathers helps restore the very fragile faith I have in humans. The holidays can be a bit depressing when you are estranged from your family and have unhappy memories.
    Seeing my first Imagine Dragons concert really was the best night of my life! I always pondered how the band could cope with so much time on the road before I was actually in the audience. So much positive energy and love! At times, I couldn't hear Dan at all because the audience was singing so loud!🙉
    If you love Imagine Dragons, I hope you get to see them live at least once. It is magical!
    I read a review of Smoke+Mirrors that said, "There are no happy songs on this album, just happy sounding ones." Patric Bogans
    "I don't sing because I'm happy, I'm happy because I sing." William James
    So, as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I wanted to share that I am very thankful for Imagine Dragons!💥🐲

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    TrophiesI Still Need A Minute! I Still Need A Minute! I Still Need A Minute! I Still Need A Minute! I Still Need A Minute! I Still Need A Minute! I Still Need A Minute!

    Thank you for this post, I have goose pimples reading it! How awesome to have been chosen, and how sucky to have it be cancelled..... talk about getting your whole world rocked!

    I love that quote by William James, that is fantastic. That is how I believe the Dragons feel!

    "I'm a first class let down, I'm a shut up sit down..... I am a head case, I am the color of BOOM!"

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