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Thread: Mark Dooms and Dark Rooms

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    Mark Dooms and Dark Rooms

    Dan Reynolds had me laughing nervously at his latest story on Twitter!
    The post started innocently enough, "How do I even begin to explain?"

    "Really excited for the future."

    "& by the way, never take a screen shot on your phone in the locker room when 4 naked men r standing in front of you. Makes a sound like u snuck a pic.

    (At this point, I asked myself if the four naked men were all dragons? How awkward!)

    Then, Dan explained, "The worst part was I was smiling when I took the screenshot cause it was a pic my dad posted from an old Christmas morning and I looked like this..."
    Mark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_3229-jpg

    Mark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_3223-jpgMark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1490-jpgMark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1491-jpgMark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1492-jpgMark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1493-jpgMark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1494-jpgMark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_3229-jpg

    Mark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1470-jpgMark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1471-jpg

    Mark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1445-jpg

    Mark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1476-jpg
    Ben McKee made a rare appearance on Twitter by using the word, "Changes."

    Mark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1448-jpg
    Mark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1472-jpgMark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1480-jpgMark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1472-jpgMark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1479-jpgMark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1475-jpgMark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1474-jpg

    Platzman quickly chimed in and some of the firebteathers assumed that they were fighting! I assumed it was their "normal" banter.

    Mark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1473-jpg
    Platzman also posted a picture of his drum kit and called it a selfie.

    Mark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1465-jpgMark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1468-jpg
    This store popped up like a mushroom at the corner of Hollywood and Highland. Someone please take me there and buy me one of everything! The store opened on December 10th.

    Mark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1496-jpg
    Beautiful Halsey is playing an awards show tonight.

    Mark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1486-jpgMark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1487-jpgMark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1462-jpg
    Tickets are already being sold for 2017 Imagine Dragons concerts!��

    Mark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1482-jpgMark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1483-jpgMark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1488-jpg
    Platzman inspires a lot of fan art and I can understand why!

    Mark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1463-jpg
    Tim Cantor gave us a better look at his cat picture!

    Mark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1460-jpg
    Aja checked in while visiting relatives.

    Mark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1478-jpg
    Alex Sermon checked in from a book store.

    Mark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1466-jpgMark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1477-jpgMark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1464-jpgMark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1502-jpg
    More from Andrew Tolman.
    Some additional advice for the road...
    TOLMAN (ex- Imagine Dragons) - TOUR TIPS - Digital Tour Bus

    Mark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1467-jpg
    K.Flay continues to rock her concert tour!
    She shared some entries from her Crush Me tour book.

    Watch K.Flay Reveal Her Fans''' Most Intimate Confessions

    Mark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1481-jpg
    Coulter Reynolds called this picture, "Twins."

    Mark Dooms and Dark Rooms-img_1461-jpg
    Check out the top posts by Imagine Dragons from 2016 on Instagram!

    I hope all the time in the studio isn't stressing our Dragons out! The holidays can be a stressful time for anyone. I was thankful for Dan's comic relief!
    I also think this dark room=mark doom is either an inside joke or just our favorite band teasing us.
    What do you think?

    Would be amazing if it is an anagram of the first song from album three!
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    Maybe "Dark Rooms" could be the title of a new song...?

    Or they just describe the situation in the recording studio...?

    Everything is possible...

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