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Thread: 🌟🌠✨💫Levitate 💫✨🌠🌟

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    It's Time

    🌟🌠✨💫Levitate 💫✨🌠🌟

    ��There's so much on my mind...

    ��Starlight in your eye.....

    ��You're my shooting star...

    ��Just levitate

    Imagine Dragons

    Imagine Dragons pranked us a little bit again! They announced a gift for the firebteathers in "two hours." A lot of us just remained on Twitter for the entire time and chatted and speculated what our favorite band had in store for us. When the time was up, no message from Imagine Dragons came up on Twitter! Many minutes later, cross posts from Facebook started popping up.


    On their Facebook page is a short film clip of Passengers staring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence and a few lines of "Levitate" by Imagine Dragons which will be included in the soundtrack. The single Levitate will be released later tonight. The movie is set to be released December 21, 2016.


    Later, a Twitter post! "To tide U over 'till album 3... here's a brand new song we made 4 @PassengersMovie(out on Christmas). Get "Levitate" TONIGHT at midnight ET."

    🌟🌠✨💫Levitate 💫✨🌠🌟-img_1132-jpg🌟🌠✨💫Levitate 💫✨🌠🌟-img_1131-jpg
    An article that kept us busy while we waited!

    Billboard gave the new song a shout out along with a link to Spotify!
    Listen to Imagine Dragons

    🌟🌠✨💫Levitate 💫✨🌠🌟-img_1121-jpg🌟🌠✨💫Levitate 💫✨🌠🌟-img_1126-jpg🌟🌠✨💫Levitate 💫✨🌠🌟-img_1127-jpg

    Firebreathers got SASS!!!

    🌟🌠✨💫Levitate 💫✨🌠🌟-img_1136-jpg

    🌟🌠✨💫Levitate 💫✨🌠🌟-img_1135-jpg

    🌟🌠✨💫Levitate 💫✨🌠🌟-img_1133-jpg

    🌟🌠✨💫Levitate 💫✨🌠🌟-img_1129-jpg

    🌟🌠✨💫Levitate 💫✨🌠🌟-img_1125-jpg

    🌟🌠✨💫Levitate 💫✨🌠🌟-img_1123-jpg

    🌟🌠✨💫Levitate 💫✨🌠🌟-img_1124-jpg

    🌟🌠✨💫Levitate 💫✨🌠🌟-img_1137-jpg🌟🌠✨💫Levitate 💫✨🌠🌟-img_1138-jpg
    I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks our favorite band like to torture us on Twitter!

    🌟🌠✨💫Levitate 💫✨🌠🌟-img_1140-jpg🌟🌠✨💫Levitate 💫✨🌠🌟-img_1144-jpg🌟🌠✨💫Levitate 💫✨🌠🌟-img_1145-jpg
    Hey Firebreathers! #LevitateByImagineDragons is trending on Twitter!

    🌟🌠✨💫Levitate 💫✨🌠🌟-img_1142-jpg

    🌟🌠✨💫Levitate 💫✨🌠🌟-img_1143-jpg
    Dan levitating his drumstick in this photo from 2013!

    🌟🌠✨💫Levitate 💫✨🌠🌟-img_1141-jpg
    KIDinaKorner posted this awesome photo! I told him not to mind my little black heart exploding!

    🌟🌠✨💫Levitate 💫✨🌠🌟-img_9578-jpg
    The entire fandom going CRAZY!

    The new song sounds perfect to narrate the movie. Dan's voice is a bit higher in the short clip. Imagine trying to convey being a passenger, weightless and lost in space? Imagine Dragons are the fitting group to fill the role of telling the story with music!

    I enjoyed the fact that Imagine Dragons left in the "la la la la la la la la la la's"
    I can picture them singing the melody into a laptop computer in the song's early stages.
    The song does a brilliant job of capturing the aspect of the vulnerability and uncertainty involved in the story. The song implies to me falling, drifting , or spinning while still maintaining hope.

    We can play the new song countless times while waiting on the movie to be realeased!
    Congratulations to Imagine Dragons for adding another film score to their resume!

    ��I know that we're far from where we need to be

    ��But the world wasn't made in just one day

    ��Though our journey's long

    ��I know our love is strong

    ��You're my shooting star

    ��We'er flying higher babe

    ��La la la la la la la la la la la la la

    ��Just Levitate, just levitate

    ��You're my shooting star

    ��You make my heart ascend

    ��When I'm stuck in the middle of hell and and fate

    ��I don't know where to turn?

    ��In my mind is this silver gate

    ��You lead me on my way

    Imagine Dragons
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    Real Name
    Tyler William
    Fav Dragon
    Ben (Bass guitar)
    Fav Song
    I Don't Know Why
    I'm so excited!!
    Why must it be at midnight, though!
    "I've never been scared once in my life." -ben mckee

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