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Thread: 🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲

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    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲

    ��There's you in everything I do
    Imagine Dragons
    I Bet My Life

    It has been a beautiful thing to experience the posts of gratitude on social media.
    K.Flay wrote, "Hope that right now you're with at least one person u love. No matter what, that's a reason to celebrate."
    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg
    K.Flay proudly posted a photo from her fan's new tattoo inspired by the song Dreamers.

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg
    Check out the new Blood In The Cut Socks!

    Dan congratulated K.Flay for her appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers and posted a link to the video for those of us that missed the show.

    Imagine Dragons wrote, "Happy Thanksgiving. We are overwhelmingly grateful for YOU. Looking out and seeing your faces every night across the world fills us with joy. X"
    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg

    "I am thankful for these two beautiful souls. They light up every day. Happy Thanksgiving." Writes Aja.
    And she posted the most touching video of Arrow trying to heal Dan's back.❤️��

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg
    Aja says that her hair has become very thick and reports that pregnancy with twins has caused her to take lots of naps!

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg
    Well said Aja!

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg
    Platzman working on deep fried turkey for Thanksgiving!

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg
    Platzman announced that he was cooking for his family but did not post a food selfie :-(

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg
    Coulter Reynolds checked in from work.

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg

    Turner Pope says, "Turkeys, and guns, and hair, oh my."

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-img_1077-jpg🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-img_1071-jpg🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-img_1070-jpg
    Alex Sermon says Happy Thanksgiving from these two turkeys!

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-img_1060-jpg
    Ben McKee says that Sammich the Beagle had a visit from his dog cousin and washing the dogs was the first time he had properly utilized his sink! The human food looks delicious! Happy Thanksgiving Ben!

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg

    Ryan Walker worked on feeding the homeless and then gave us a slow motion toast on Instagram.

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-img_1074-jpg
    Matt Eastin met his family in Salt Lake City.

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-img_1078-jpg🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-img_1078-jpg
    The Tolmans reported how thankful they are for each other and also thanked their fans.

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg

    Angie Warner talking about coffee on Twitter.

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg
    The best thing that happened on Thanksgiving was that Platzman liked my tweet!��

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-img_1075-jpg🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-img_1072-jpg
    @yogahippie said their hearts and bellies were full after hiking with Dan and Aja and then having Thanksgiving dinner.❤️

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-img_1073-jpg
    Platzman reports that he and the cat are now in a turkey induced coma!

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-img_1076-jpg
    From the fan club Imagine Dragons Vietnam.

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg

    From the Smoke and Mirrors World Tour.

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg

    New art from Tim Cantor is always such a pleasure!
    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-image-jpg

    🙏Thankful Dragons!💥🐲-img_1079-jpg
    I am thankful for Imagine Dragons!
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