Dan opened up the the world to support people with AS and to talk about his struggle with the disease.
How heartwarming to hear about the support of his beautiful family and to know that his motivation for battling his disease is to be able to lift his children.


Dan also mentioned the third album from Imagine Dragons coming from a "happier place." I am expecting unbelievable narratives on the new album and EXPLOSIVE ROCK SOMEWHERE ON THE ORDER OF RADIOACTIVE MULTIPLIED BY I'M SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(If you can imagine something so awesome?)

I am proud of Dan Reynolds for sharing his very personal struggles with us. He talks about how hesitant he was to do so. There is great bravery in such honesty. I know the firebreathers will rally support for our his cause and not feel sorry for our favorite singer. He needs us to be strong too.
Finally, Dan gives credit to his band members for their constant unwavering faith in him. It is inspirational to hear. Rock on Dan! We've got your back!
I wanted your truth but I wanted your pain to disappear. Dan talks to People magazine.-img_6603-jpg