Platz got nominated for an award!!!
Platz has been nominated!!-cadpture-jpg
For anyone who can't read it, the post (from Imagine Dragons on Facebook) reads:

our very own Daniel Platzman was nominated in the Modern Drummer Magazine Poll for Best Live Recorded Performance (Video). if you watched the Smoke + Mirrors Live DVD, you know why. you the man, Platz.

voting is almost as hard as breaking into Fort Knox, but for those who want to: The Modern Drummer Readers Poll | Modern Drummer Magazine |

It took a long time, but I submitted my vote!! The Dragons weren't wrong about it being hard to vote!
Platz has been nominated!!-captudre-png

To vote, you first have to submit your email and answer a simple question to verify that you are human. Then, you must go through the list of nominees by voting for one, clicking "Other", or "No vote". You have to go through every other category because Platz's is way at the bottom!

Let's vote for Platz! He is truly an amazing drummer and definitely had a fantastic performance in Smoke + Mirrors Live!