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Thread: One Good Letter Deserves Another✉️

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    One Good Letter Deserves Another✉️

    For the fourth anniversary of Night Visions, Dan Reynolds wrote a touching letter by hand and posted a picture of the letter on Twitter.

    Dan wrote...

    "My Dear Friends,

    Today is the 4th anniversary of an album that truly changed our lives forever. "Night Visions," it was a period filled w/Love, Passion, Fear, Sorrow & an expansion of life.

    We had NO idea it would take us on countless trips around the world. That it would allow us to start a foundation for pediatric cancer. That we would be lucky enough to play for hundreds of thousands around the world & most importantly that it would allow us to share a connection with You.

    Our only hope is that the music we create fills your heart & ignites passions. That you find light in the darkness & beauty in life. "Night Visions" is an album of high highs & low lows. It was written in my darkest depression & brightest moments. It captures a period of my life I hope to hold onto forever. Your countless letters are read. Your kind words heard. Your Tweets, photos, posts & love have been absolutely treasured.

    I guess I just want to say Thank You.. Thank you for being a listening ear. I truly feel like the luckiest man alive.

    & This is just the beginning.

    Peace & Love to all across the universe.

    XX Dan Reynolds"

    One Good Letter Deserves Another✉️-image-jpg

    The handwriting is so expressive with bold strokes and nothing crossed out. A final draft of a beautiful thank you note. It was a truly special occasion!

    In return, I would say...

    Thank you for making an album that when I first listened to it, I was convinced that it was absolutely a musical narration of my life. Thank you for saying what we either couldn't put into words or were simply afraid to say. Thank you for giving us a voice.
    Thank you for pointing out that most of us have demons. An awesome theme song can be a very effective way of keeping those demons at bay.
    Thank you for not being judgemental and pointing out how music brings us together without consideration of age, color, religion, race, or sexual orientation.
    Thank you for taking other artists under your wings. Young acts like Halsey and K.Flay are the future of music. Halsey has said Imagine Dragons music saved her life and inspired her to become a singer/songwriter.
    Tyler Robinson only wanted to meet his favorite band. Through that one magical moment we are all able to do something bigger than ours lives and help TRF with the mission of assisting pediatric cancer patients and their families. The music of imagine Dragons helps raise money at benefits and helps heal our hearts and create hope for the future.
    So glad that this is only the beginning! I can't wait to see where dragons take us next!
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