Leave me to dream. Dan's advice from Twitter.-image-jpg
🎵Leave me to dream🎵
For once, I was sleeping when Dan's Twitter notification came in. Dan's words are very inspirational and honest. He even took the time to chat with the firebreathers that asked him questions!

Leave me to dream. Dan's advice from Twitter.-image-jpg

Leave me to dream. Dan's advice from Twitter.-image-jpg

Leave me to dream. Dan's advice from Twitter.-image-jpg

It is amazing that Dan shares his fears and doubts with us. Most famous people probably wouldn't admit to having a fear of failure. It think the most beautiful thing is the way he finished the conversation by saying, "I am you and you are me." He is reminding us again that we are all human.
I know my personal insecurities are always stronger at night! Thank you Dan Reynolds for the beautiful conversation. Below is the best I could do at capturing the flow of the late night talk. Twitter makes the conversation extra interesting because of the limit of 140 characters per message.

"Dream. Believe. Build. Create. Appreciate. Repeat.

Can you picture the look on my friends' faces when I told them I was starting a band called Imagine Dragons?

I dreamt of being in a band ever since I was 7 years old. I sang harmonies w/ my older brother Robert on "Under The Milky Way" by Church.

It felt amazing to use my voice to create something that was thrilling to my heart, and pleasing to my mind, and ears.

I started stealing my brother Mac's microphone when he was gone and using it to record my songs on "Cakewalk" on our computer when I was 12.

I couldn't play instruments other than piano at the time, so the first songs I made were all accapella.

The first song I ever wrote was called "All By Himself". I wrote it in 6th grade because I hated middle school and needed an escape.

I then wrote music nearly every day of my life for 17 years. It's the greatest gift of life. Music is mu lifeblood. My rock. My companion. It is sacred.

I dreamt of being a musician my entire life. Then it became a reality.

Your dreams are sacred. Don't let anyone tell you they are too extravagant. Find your passion and then pursue it with everything you have.

(In response to Dreaming Dragon, "What if my passion is not equal to my abilities?")

Mine weren't. My voice was very raw and my pitch needed a lot of work, but I believed in it even if others didn't.

(Dreaming Dragon also said, "What if you're just too scared?)

Fear is man made. It doesn't exist in the reality of our universe. Block out all negativity and thrive.

For every sold out show we've played to thousands, there was a show we played to an empty room. I was embarrassed every time. But I believed.

(Meowtain Man said, "Would you have ever considered failure? Or do you not believe in failure?)

I almost gave up many times.

(Skylar asked, "How did you push through that?)

I just. Did. That's what separates success from failures. You just keep breathing. Keep trying. Keep working.

(Winter Zamora asked, "How did you know that you were chasing the RIGHT dream?)

I only knew that Ioved nothing more than music. I decided that I would take poor and happy over successful and sad.

(Emily asked, "What if you still haven't found what you're passionate about?)

That's exciting not sad. It means you have millions of paths to choose between. Try them all and see what fills you.
Man's greatest enemy is fear. Fear of failure. Fear of ridicule. Fear of judgement. Ridding your existence of this fear is the key to all success.

Anyway. This is just a dialogue in my mind. I don't know all the answers, nor do I want to live by these guidelines perfectly. I only strive to.

I only know that I love you all and believe in you. I wish I could grant you all your dreams. I wish I could bring happiness to your hearts.

I wish I could rid the world of cancer.

I wish I could give a home to all the refugee children sleeping on the streets tonight.

I wish that I could find a cure for depression and anxiety.

I am you and you are me. Goodnight my love."

Dan Reynolds on Twitter
August 11, 2016