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Thread: Logged out of facebook.....

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    Logged out of facebook.....

    Imagine Dragons certainly know how to make someone's heart and soul feel better. I became very depressed this past week. No, not depressed, but ANGRY. I guess I'm just not a sucker for pain....

    So much hate was all over my facebook, and has been for months now. But it just went to a whole new level. No matter how many times I preached about love to those who were filling my feed with hate, it didn't matter. Sadly, they said things I wish that I didn't know about them. Facebook has no filter. People see other people "Let it all out there" and then so do they. It becomes and endless torch and pitchfork of hate and I could no longer take it.

    I come here and to twitter only the past few days, to be with the Firebreathers. Now here are some people that sometimes get in arguements over silly stuff but they get over it, as it is just a little squabble. These people know how to love each other.

    So I just wanted to say, hug a friend, be kind to everyone you meet. Love your family, hug a dog! Smile at a the clerk and those who protect you. Let them know they are not hated by all. This world was almost there once, it went from hate to love, and it can get there again.

    Dan's words always help me reach a calm inner self, and he is such an amazing respectable man.

    Thank you especially to Michelle @ringosmomma, who helped me feel better when I was at my worst! You are a true friend and I am lucky to have you!

    "I'm a first class let down, I'm a shut up sit down..... I am a head case, I am the color of BOOM!"

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    Thank you Lisa! That is exactly what your family of firebreathers is here for!

    "Reach! It's not as bad as it seems!"

    All we need to do is reach out to one another and spread kindness and love.

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