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Thread: Highlights from Imagine Dragons Question and Answer Session

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    Highlights from Imagine Dragons Question and Answer Session

    🎵it's time to begin isn't it?
    Imagine Dragons It's Time

    A little after midnight, Imagine Dragons came on Twitter and posted, "Q&A right nowwww. Gooooo."

    @Jonejesus asked, "Do you watch Game of Thrones?'
    ID replied: you know nothing jone snow

    @Skyleigh_Ann asked, "So ya like the street team idea?"
    ID replied: yes. Our fans are the best in the world period end of story. dory. explory.
    (This is the first reason I suspect that Dan Reynolds authors most of the tweets on the account! Doesn't this sound like something the father of a three year old would say?)

    @emilyreilly asked, "How does it feel knowing how much money you raised for Orlando?"
    ID replied: *YOU raised

    @platzatthedisco asked, "Will I ever get to see Platz's tattoo irl and perhaps take a selfie with it idk?"
    ID replied: which tattoo...some may be more selfie friendly than others
    (I think he is implying that Platzman has a tattoo on his booty! We'll have to get to the bottom of this!)

    @downinslowtown asked, "Why do I feel your internet isn't great right now?"
    ID replied: that's find an banded hs language dishes.

    @imaginesammi said, " Hey check it out. I quoted you for my grad :-))"
    ID replied: this made my night. 💖

    @TaylorTulloch asked, "What will it take for peace?"
    ID replied: it starts with you and me. we wake tomorrow and judge no one. lift others. spread love. 1 person at a time.
    (Starting to sound more and more like Dan right?

    @songrng asked, "So are Dan or Dan or Dan or Ben gonna reply to us?"
    ID replied: Dan. or maybe Ben.
    (So, truth is...there actually ARE 3 Dans in the band! Platzman goes by his last name and Wayne goes by his middle name! That had to be a bit confusing in the beginning!)

    @maddielarson123 asked, "Honestly do you have night vision goggles and smokey mirrors?"
    ID replied: r u peeking in my window at me right now cause......
    (Hey! That was gonna be my question but I couldn't figure our how not to sound like a stalker!)

    @JacobZiegler asked, "Who wrote 666 EVIL on my signed Smoke and Mirrors CD? Was it Ben? I think it was Ben?"
    ID replied: that has to be Ben
    Highlights from Imagine Dragons Question and Answer Session-image-jpg
    @AmigosinDanger said, "HEY. Y.."
    ID replied: hahaha yesss

    @polaroiddragons asked, "What is the main impact you wish to leave on the world?"
    ID replied: don't be like Ben
    (I laughed so much that I nearly dropped my phone! This is the second reason why I think Dan was tweeting because he pretty much threw Ben under the bus. Look out Dan-Paybacks are hell!)

    @whyradioactive asked, "Do you still have the Brazillian shirt I gave U in Amsterdam?
    ID replied: yes u traveling man-miss u t

    @amyratcliffe said, "What do I do on the 4th of July as a Brit in America?"
    ID replied: act offended by everything and make all the Americans uncomfortable
    ((More uncontrollable giggling! It is going on 4AM by now. Zzzzz)

    @ImaDragonsWorld asked, "Will you ever join at imaginedragonsworld.com and do a Q&A on there?
    ID replied: whatever this is. I like it. Gonna check it outttttt
    Highlights from Imagine Dragons Question and Answer Session-image-jpg
    (I've been teasing Lisa all week that one of these days I'm gonna pass out from shock and she will have to call me a fanbulance! Fangirl almost fainted but didn't want to miss anything!)

    @platzphotobomb asked, "Can you give me one more hint to the Smoke + Mirrors Mystery?"
    ID replied: Supo

    Finally Imagine Dragons tweeted, "Goodnight my people. We love you. Xxdr
    (Dan Reynolds' initials)

    What an amazing night! People from all over the world chatting live with their favorite band. That connection to their fans is one of the things that makes Imagine Dragons so special. Music is my happy place and joking with rock stars on Twitter made me incredibly happy. Imagine Dragons is a source of LOVE and LIGHT and STRENGTH for me in a world that is sometimes dark. Thank you Imagine Dragons! Thank you for reminding me that I'm never changing who I am."

    🎵You said yourself fantastically, 'congratulations, you were all alone.'
    Imagine Dragons

    Thank you Lisa for making me a part of Imagine Dragons World and believing in me. Thank you for replying to both my serious and not so serious Fangirl messages! Thank you for putting up with my occasional bouts of ineptitude with technology! Thank you for sharing the music!
    You Rock!

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    TrophiesHighlights from Imagine Dragons Question and Answer Session Highlights from Imagine Dragons Question and Answer Session
    Ben cracks me up some times, wonder if he did that to anyone else.

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    It's Time
    I hope Ben McKee never stops being his awesome self! I could listen to his voice all day! I don't think I would like to be pranked though!

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