🎵When the days are cold
🎵And the cards all fold
🎵And the saints we see
🎵Are made of gold
🎵When you dreams all fail
🎵And the ones we hail
🎵Are the worst of all
🎵And the blood's run stale
🎵I wanna hide the hide the truth
🎵I wanna shelter you
🎵But with the beast inside
🎵There's no where we can hide
Imagine Dragons
Demons live from Smoke and Mirrors the movie!-image-jpg

Demons will always be one of my favorite songs! At the live shows the firebreathers sometimes sing along with the favourites and they are louder than Dan! It is pretty cool when he holds the microphone out to encourage that! In this clip he also travels around the stage to connect with his audience. I am sure having dozens of cameras in the arena brought the energy up for this stop of the Smoke + Mirrors tour. I really enjoy rewatching the concert clips. It also makes me wonder what Imagine Dragons have in store for us withe the new album? The music always tells a story. I am sure the positive impact of the world tour will be reflected in the new work as well as the awesomeness and complexities that we have come to expect!