��I'm sorry for everything
��Oh everything I've done
Imagine Dragons
We know that Dan Reynolds has a passion for living in the now! That seems to also make him fearless in high places! In this video Ben talks about his fear of height and also teases his young interviewer! Would we expect anything less?
At this point, we have endured four months of Imagine Dragons being on vacation.
Daniel Platzman continues to practice his drumming in his shed. We heard nothing from him on Twitter for two whole days! He then reappeared with the message, "I just got out of the shed, what did I miss Flamily?" I tweeted him back that the Twitter squad was about to send out a search party for him!
Dan made us laugh with a Tweet about Yoga.
"no. sorry. I will never do yoga at a studio called 'sweaty gnash' . i draw the line there."
I think I agree with Mr. Reynolds!
Shots Remix was released one year ago!-image-jpg
Just six hours ago, Aja announced on Facebook that her band, Nico Vega, may be on permanent hiatus.
The messages she received back were full of love and memories from her fans. I wish her strength and joy as a solo artist.

Shots Remix was released one year ago!-image-jpgShots Remix was released one year ago!-image-jpg