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Thread: Me Before You the movie.

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    Me Before You the movie.

    Imagine going to a job interview through a placement agency and finding out that your new job is in a castle! In America we say that poor people are from the wrong side of the tracks. Lead character, Louisa Clark is from the working-class wrong side of the castle. Her unlikely job is provide companionship and cheer for the paralyzed man that owns the castle. The film reminded me of a modern day Beauty and the Beast. Her new employer acts like a beast and conceals from her the fact that he is so unhappy that he is suicidal.
    Me Before You the movie.-image-jpg. Me Before You the movie.-image-jpg
    The screenplay was written by Jojo Moyes who was also the author of the bestselling book, Me Before You. I found it interesting that she omitted the dark secret the castle holds for Louisa from the movie. The film is also British so some of the comic relief moments may not be as obvious to American audiences.
    Me Before You the movie.-image-jpg. Me Before You the movie.-image-jpg
    A few instrumental strains of Not Today tease us at the beginning of the movie but movie goers will have to wait for the credits to roll to hear the entire song by Imagine Dragons. One of the things I liked about the movie is that the characters bond over entertainment-watching a movie with sub-titles and going to a classical music concert.
    Famed film critic Roger Eberyt gave the film two and a half stars and remarked that they gave him complimentary Kleenex at the screening he attended (he did not use the Kleenex). Interestingly, he called the movie, "weep porn".
    I thought that the movie hardly even deserved the PG-13 rating that it got. The scene in which she talks Will into finally shaving his beard is way more romantic than the kissing scene. Will quips that she gives a good "bed bath" and later, she sits on his lap during a wedding. Will remarks, "You would've never let me get close to those breasts if I weren't in this chair."
    Me Before You the movie.-image-jpg Me Before You the movie.-image-jpg
    In the film, the beauty of the English countryside takes a back seat to close ups of the actor's faces. Emilia Clark, who plays the role of Lou does a convincing job being awkward, clumsy and charming. Her unusual wardrobe includes lots of interesting colors and patters including a pair of yellow and black bumble bee tights. She is afraid of her own shadow but sets out unwaveringly to save Will's life. Sam Claflin lost a considerable amount of weight to play Will. He is probably best know for his role in The Hunger Games
    Dan Reynolds always stresses the importance of living in the moment! The characters in this movie connect by asking one another, "Tell me something good?" Firebreathers will understand the lyrics of Not Today even better after seeing the movie. The movie is definatley as complex and difficult as a song lyric by Imagine Dragons!

    Here, the lead actor talks about how difficult it was not to laugh at his co-star!
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