🎵When you made it, when you made it
🎵Won't you tell me what to do
🎵Cause I'm playin' it all wrong
🎵You can't fight the friction
🎵So ease it off
🎵You can't take the pressure
🎵So ease it off
🎵You can't take the friction
🎵So ease it off

Please enjoy this new clip from Smoke and Mirrors Live!-image-jpg

Imagine Dragons
It is only one week away from the release of Smoke and Mirrors Live and the movie Me Before You on June 3rd! I am incredibly proud of our favorite band for helping to score a film. I sincerely hope it is a hint that they will write many more. I bought the 2012 book Me BeforeYou by Jojo Moyes.
I am pretty certain that Imagine Dragons either read the script or saw the movie before they wrote Not Today.
I will be sure to write a review of the movie.
Pleasantly surprised when VEVO posted a new film clip from Smoke and Mirrors. I am super happy about seeing the concert again!