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Thread: A Thought About Heroes

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    A Thought About Heroes

    As a mother of 4 kids and someone who has been inspired by many people in my 40+ years, I've been thinking, or relating to how joining a fandom sticks with you. I can look back over the years and I still remember the music, tv shows, games, sports, ect. that shaped me into the person I am. From the smurfs, electric company, Care Bears, The Beatles, Hall & Oats, Journey, Queen, Corey Haim, Micheal J. Fox, Stand By Me, Grease, Goonies, Billy Joel, New Kids on the Block, Micheal Jackson, Maroon 5, Mark Martin, NASCAR, Final Fantasy, gardening, English Bulldogs, Scrapbooking, HSG, Collective Soul, Star Wars, Harry Potter, cooking, dog rescue, my children, And... Of course.... Imagine Dragons and TRF.

    I could keep going on and on. Loving something makes us who we are. Little do we realize, or does even the dragons realize, they are and will forever be, a part of our life. Forever.

    I've said it before, but in this day and age, I'm so proud to be a part of the Firebreathers, and that my children have positive role models in their life too. Imagine Dragons are heroes. No they don't wear capes, but they have an incredible superpower of making music!

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    Nice post! I am working on a post about gratitude! Sometimes we think alike! I am still a little broken up over the sudden death of Prince. It is amazing how some people get it that music changes our lives. One of the most inspirational things is how it brings people together! If we can relate to the music we can relate to one another!

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