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Thread: Do you think Not Today is a love song?

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    Do you think Not Today is a love song?

    Not today is a very unique recording because for once, our favorite percussionists left the drums off the track.

    Do you think Not Today is a love song?-image-jpg

    Because of that, people have called it a "soft" song. People have also called it a love song.
    Do you think Not Today is a love song?-image-jpg
    The song is for the soundtrack of Me Before You. Both the movie and the soundtrack will be released on June 3, 2016 which is also the release date for the Smoke and Mirrors DVD!
    The movie is about a Will Traynor who survived a motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed and with no desire to live. A new personal attendant changes everything.
    Me Before You
    This is the long version of the movie trailer.
    I could go on all day about how much I LOVE Not Today.
    Imagine Dragons - Not Today (Audio) - YouTube
    This is audio only of Not Today.
    The YouTube post by Imagine Dragons is only 4 days old and very close to 2 million views!

    When I first listened to Shots, I thought Dan should let his voice break when he sang the lyric, "Am I out of luck? Am I waiting to break?" I can almost hear Dan Reynolds saying that would be too cliche'd!
    So, in Not Today, the instruments are way toned down so the emotion in Dan's voice tells the story. We do hear his voice break with emotion. You could call some of the vocals a type of yodeling. The rest of the song is told by strumming guitar, soft violin, and a quiet piano. I know that I've said this before but Imagine Dragons leaves me with a lack of adjectives! I guess I could sum up the song by saying that to me, the song is absolutely beautiful, kind of hypnotic(difficult to stop listening to) and heartbreaking at the same time. Typical of Imagine Dragons. Their art is never simple. I am hoping Not Today becomes one of their most popular songs. But what do you think? Would you call it a love song?
    Is it love song or a close as we're going to get? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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    TrophiesDo you think Not Today is a love song? Do you think Not Today is a love song? Do you think Not Today is a love song? Do you think Not Today is a love song? Do you think Not Today is a love song? Do you think Not Today is a love song? Do you think Not Today is a love song?
    I do think it's a love song. I feel and think these lyrics pretty much sum up marraige or love, you try and try, you promise to make it better, espeically when you bicker and fight over stupid stuff...... but it's easier to say or think than to do, thus "not today"....

    "I'm a first class let down, I'm a shut up sit down..... I am a head case, I am the color of BOOM!"

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    can't choose one!
    Definitely a love song! Obviously Imagine Dragons style, but it is a love song.
    Dan's voice genuinely left me speechless! So raw indeed. I really enjoyed hearing Platz back on violin too.
    The lyrics don't change that much during the whole song (I mean: the lyrics of the first verse are the same as those of the second one, and so on), but it's totally on purpose I think. It reflects the overall theme.
    Love has his ups and downs, can sometimes be very difficult, we promise a lot and finally don't do what we said: it ends in an unstoppable spiral.

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