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Thread: Who knows? How long I've been awake now?😴💤💤

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    Who knows? How long I've been awake now?😴💤💤

    ��This is my word
    ��This is my way
    ��Show me a sign
    ��Sweep me away
    ��This is my word
    ��Heartbreaker, gatekeeper
    ��I'm feeling far away, I'm feeling right here

    Imagine Dragons
    Smoke and Mirrors

    Who knows? How long I've been awake now?😴💤💤-image-jpg Who knows? How long I've been awake now?😴💤💤-image-jpg. Who knows? How long I've been awake now?😴💤💤-image-jpg

    Have you ever considered that the surreal quality of the music of Imagine Dragons stems from insomnia? On one hand there is an awesomeness to working into the wee hours of the morning and creating something rare and wonderful while you know everyone else is sleeping! On the other hand, if you have literally watched the alarm clock all night long, there is a level of tiredness combined with absolute frustration that is unbelievable!
    Late last night, two Tweets rolled by on the Twitter feed..

    Who knows? How long I've been awake now?😴💤💤-image-jpg Who knows? How long I've been awake now?😴💤💤-image-jpg

    I am sure these sweet, sad, short messages were typed by Dan Reynolds. How appropriate that he penned the lyrics, "This city never sleeps at night." It's Time
    "Who knows how long, I've been awake now? The shadows on my wall don't sleep." Nothing Left to Say
    Depression sometimes adds sleeplessness and physical pain into the the mix. Boughts of feeling sick and tired can make life so difficult to deal with. So many of the stories in the songs told by Imagine Dragons are sad. Instead of making me feel worse though, they make me feel better. It can be complex to understand but I guess there is such a huge comfort in the fact that someone else in this enormous world, "GET'S IT!" Dan Reynolds is brave enough to battle depression as well as speak openly about a topic that most people would conceal.
    "Yes. Depression is a real thing. No . It does not control me. I wake up every day and choose to fight. I choose happiness. I may crash and burn. But I'll never roll over and give up. Far too much beauty in this world to walk away from. Life is worth living. Always."
    Dan Reynolds on Twitter

    When YAHOO Music asked Wayne Sermon about the success of the Night Visions album, he said, " If I knew what made that album so popular, I'd bottle it up and sell it myself. It was one of those right- place-at-the-right-time situations, but we put a lot of love into it."

    Author Joe Wiederhorn says of Smoke and Mirrors , "There's a strong duality that runs through Smoke and Mirrors. Many of the songs are melodic and uplifting, but a sense of melancholy and confusion pervades."

    The article goes on to say, "Feeling uncomfortable in your own shoes affected the tone of Smoke and Mirrors and leant much of the claustrophobic quality."
    Wayne Sermon continues, " In every song you can hear the good with the bad and there's juxtaposition on the record of dark and light. There's a feeling of being happy, but somehow unsettled and feeling like you don't have your feet in a solid place. It was very surreal for us because over a two year period we went from playing dive bars where no one knew who we were to playing a festival in São Paulo and having 80,000 people there."
    "We've all been on this crazy schedule touring, which means getting two or three hours of sleep for days on end. That definitely weighs on your well being. Maybe 99 percent of our distrust of people is in our own heads. It's not even real. I feel like this album was therapeutic not only for Dan as a lyricist, but for all of us."
    For Dan Reynolds, Smoke and Mirrors can be thought of as a journal that most people would probably keep private, but for him is open for the whole world to share. "Music kind of helps me dive into those deeper places and have those conversations that might be a little uncomfortable for me in other settings."
    Dan told Billboard that he was "depressed as hell" and lost many of his friends when Imagine Dragons became a success. "When you are famous and doing well, it's hard for people to imagine that you could be depressed, or worse, they feel a lack of sympathy for someone famous talking about how hard things are for them." Radio.com
    Who knows? How long I've been awake now?😴💤💤-image-jpg Who knows? How long I've been awake now?😴💤💤-image-jpgWho knows? How long I've been awake now?😴💤💤-image-jpg

    For myself, the sad pictures hit very close to home. Depression is a very dark place that can be easy to fall into...��"One slip and you're back that way."( I Was Me) And very difficult to escape from.
    I am very proud of Dan Reynolds and all of the members of Imagine Dragons for being honest enough to bare their souls in their songs. I feel like there is someone on my side. I feel like the noise of the music helps keep my demons quiet and at bay. So, Smoke and Mirrors has a very personal meaning to me. Smoke and Mirrors could also mean showing one side to the public which is very different from the private side. Sometimes the most beautiful smiles actually hide the most broken people. There quite possibly is an entire Firebreather army that feels this way behind our Knight in shining armor, Dan Reynolds. Thank you for choosing to fight! Keep fighting! Together, our family of dragons is much stronger than our demons!

    Who knows? How long I've been awake now?😴💤💤-image-jpg

    To end on a positive note, Smoke and Mirrors The Movie is just a little over a week away. If you are not a member at imaginedragonsworld.com the membership is free! Please come and join the conversation. As we get closer to the one night only movie event, I wanted to share with the world a little of why Imagine Dragons is my favorite band. The music does speak to me. In an odd coincidence, it also speaks about me. So, this week, I voted for Smoke and Mirrors as the song of the week? What is your favorite song by Imagine Dragons? Please visit and cast your vote.
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    Wow. Thank you for this extensively post.

    I am very proud of Dan Reynolds and all of the members of Imagine Dragons for being honest enough to bare their souls in their songs.
    I think the same...

    I can not say often enough, how much I love and admire all the members of "Imagine Dragons"!

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