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Thread: Let the forest hear our sound

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    Let the forest hear our sound

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    🎵Timber, timber
    🎵Were falling down
    🎵Let the forest hear our sound
    🎵Boom ba Boom ba Boom
    🎵Ah ooo Ah ooo
    🎵Why can't I see what's right in front of me?

    Imagine Dragons

    I know that I talk a lot about Dan. I have a kind of a platonic crush on him. I mostly know people as energy. The energy that all of the members of Imagine Dragons have is one thing that makes me admire them. I could picture them as a car with 4 wheels. They need each other to function and be in perfect balance. I found this perfect picture of Wayne and decided to talk about him today. The thing I have most common with Wayne Sermon is insomnia
    When I made my post yesterday at 5AM I wasn't getting up, I HAD been up all night but trying to sleep.
    The level of frustration is really unbelievable. So Wayne and I know what it is like to push blearily through and 18 hour day on a couple hours of sleep or no sleep.
    I also find it interesting that three members of Imagine Dragons are named Daniel!😂
    I'm sure that early on someone would yell, "Hey Daniel!" and they would all go, "What?"
    So, Daniel Wayne "Wing" Sermon goes by Wayne to help eliminate some confusion and Daniel Platzman goes by his last name. I like calling him Platz! Wayne has said that his family still calls him Daniel.

    The legend goes that Wayne saw Dan Reynolds performing in a club in Utah and liked the show so much that ha stayed after to talk to Dan and ultimately joined the ban. Joining Imagine Dragons required Wayne to move to Las Vegas. Fate. Wow!
    I met them on June 22, 2015 at a meet and greet before the show. Wayne has perfect musician's hands. Very well manicured and I don't think that I have ever seen him without his wedding ring since his marriage in 2011. Wayne very politely inspected my Imagine Dragons tattoo. I am sure that he has seen zillions of them. I only had a few seconds but I wish we could have talked for hours! Just the fact that the band meets hundreds and hundreds of fans just before going on stage is wonderful.
    On stage, Wayne punctuates the music by sometimes flipping his long hair.
    Attachment 282
    Those are some of my favorite pictures!
    On stage sometimes Dan talks to Wayne over the microphone and Wayne answers only by plucking his guitar strings. They say that Wayne is the quiet one of the band but when he has something to say that it is usually profound. So glad to have Mr. Sermon as part of the family and part of the talent and magic of Imagine Dragons.

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    TrophiesLet the forest hear our sound Let the forest hear our sound Let the forest hear our sound Let the forest hear our sound Let the forest hear our sound Let the forest hear our sound Let the forest hear our sound
    I loved this post, band member spotlights would be a wonderful addition to the site, I think!

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