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Thread: Feeling serious on Firebreather Friday.

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    Feeling serious on Firebreather Friday.

    Feeling serious on Firebreather Friday.-image-jpg
    A quote from Dan Reynolds on Twitter
    June 1, 2015

    "Bullying isn't just a big kid at school that picks on little kids. The deepest and darkest examples of bullying go unseen and unnoticed. They are found in the most harmless corners. A quick word of gossip about a "fat" friend. A "basic" girl. We all fall victim to becoming a bully. It is so easy to utter a negative word about another person, yet the results are devastating.
    We all talk about anti-bullying and how its not .O.K and that's great but I feel the issue has far deeper roots.
    gossiping=bullying in its most serious form
    Feeling serious on Firebreather Friday.-image-jpg
    I find myself gossiping due to my own insecurities. It stems from a weak place and leaves me feeling weaker afterword. I find a deep and powerful strength in seeing the good in everyone. Be a powerful human being. See everyone as yourself. A human being searching for peace in what can be a difficult and confusing life.
    I say this from a place of great imperfection. I am no master of this concept, but I believe that the first step is always acknowledgement. Acknowledgement that it is not O.K. to judge someone based on their sexual orientation. Their religion. Their looks. Their mental ability. Their race. Their class. Weight. Hobbies. Dreams. Musical taste. How "hip" you think they are/aren't. The list is endless. To judge is to bully. The result of bullying? The girl that is told she's "basic" spends the rest of the year cutting herself. Maybe committing suicide even.
    The weight of the world/gossip/negativity is the heaviest of all. It changes how we see ourselves, though it is a false representation. The truth is we are all so damn beautiful and thankfully unique. Otherwise this would be a boring world to live in. Embrace your differences. Shine a light on them for the world to see. Some will love U. Some will hate U regardless of what you do. Never. Ever try to please them. Don't give them that power. Be you infinitely."

    Feeling serious on Firebreather Friday.-image-jpg

    🎵One step at a time they say
    🎵One trip and you're back that way
    🎵I'm just another trying hard to fit right in

    Imagine Dragons
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    Dan Reynolds lost a best friend to to bullying. He does not give details but I assume it was suicide. Dan said, "I lost one of my best friends to him dealing with a lifetime of judgement and false friends. I will never regret not being a better friend."
    Twitter 5/12//14

    I think if your life has been touched by bullying those memories are extremely painful and difficult to talk about. I left high school and got my GED instead. I couldn't understand and cope with the hate and violence. I cry today when writing these things. Talking about it takes a bit of courage. If someone else can be encouraged to survive and keep going it is all worth it. I know what it is like to feel like dying would be a welcome escape. I know what it is like to feel like so much less than nothing. My personal mission on all forms of social media has been to build others up and never tear them down.
    I also like sharing the music that constantly runs through my mind and makes it easier to cope. Music has always been a great source of strength and escape. Imagine Dragons gave me a fight song!
    I will always live in infinite gratitude for that. That is why I punctuate so many Tweets with, "Rock On!"
    Because that is what I intend to do.🎧

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    TrophiesFeeling serious on Firebreather Friday. Feeling serious on Firebreather Friday. Feeling serious on Firebreather Friday. Feeling serious on Firebreather Friday. Feeling serious on Firebreather Friday. Feeling serious on Firebreather Friday. Feeling serious on Firebreather Friday.

    Feeling serious on Firebreather Friday.

    I do remember these tweets from Dan and remember thinking how could he be so dang wonderful to top it all off just blows my mind. Maybe because he is so spiritual that's one reason we all love the lyrics and their music, it just takes you to a more beautiful or painful place.

    Thank you Michelle for being such a wonderful person and sharing with us each day, so thankful for you! Doesn't everyone agree that it is always so great to have a word to read each day here.... It's just so ... So... Heck I don't even have the word for it. But it's a good word. Thank you!

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    I agree completely! I love these posts. Always a nice to read.

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