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Thread: It comes back to you.

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    It comes back to you.

    It comes back to you.-image-jpg

    🎵All the things that worry me
    🎵All the things you don't believe
    🎵I've been told just what to do
    🎵Where to look and point my view
    🎵All the things that I could be
    🎵I think I learned in therapy
    🎵Am I just a shadow you drew?
    🎵It comes back to you

    Imagine Dragons
    It Comes Back to You💥🐲

    This week, I find myself wishing for some more posts by Dan Reynolds on Twitter. The pictures are very awesome. I love it when he talks to us too! I hope he posts some words of wisdom over the holidays!

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    TrophiesIt comes back to you. It comes back to you. It comes back to you. It comes back to you. It comes back to you. It comes back to you. It comes back to you.

    It comes back to you.

    I'm really surprised he hasn't, especially in the wake of all these terrorism attacks, it's so enlightening to hear from those who I respect. Hearing from him would make my day!

    One of my favorite lines in that song is "Am I just a shadow you drew"

    I find the song to be one of those ones they speak of that is more a song of sadness with an uplifting beat.

    I've had a case of bigotry this week and unfortunately it was family. This song also reminds me of that.....I truly believe each person as an individual is allowed to be who or what they want to be and should have their own opinions. Regardless of whether I agree with them is besides the point. But this family member attacked me for an opinion I had. I wish I had the strength to forgive him for what he said but I don't think I can. I'm almost relieved that I don't have to read his bigot posts on social media anymore.

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