My dream is to attend The Tyler Robinson Foundation Gala. 💜 That would be a Cinderrella story for sure to attend a small private concert with my favorite band in the world!🌎If youíre going to dream, dream BIG!
This year, I got my ticket to an Instagram Quest to benefit The Tyler Robinson Foundation. There are four parts to the Quest and I assume they will be based on the four previous albums released by Imagine Dragons.
The contest was created by Daniel Skripnik, and can be played worldwide. THE WINNERS OF THE LAST QUEST GOT A TELECONFERENCE CALL WITH IMAGINE DRAGONS!

Join a Quest and Slay Cancer With Dragons💜-b51fae1d-ec89-4264-bcf0-9c4d026e9bee-jpg

@/ dragonsthequest on Instagram has posted all of the frequently asked questions. The cost is only 5 dollars!
The last day to enter is today!
August 16, 2021.
Good Luck Firebreathers!

🎵Iíve been waiting on this for a while now!
Imagine Dragons
Iím On Top of The World.