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Imagine Dragons held a YouTube livestream to benefit Corey Fox. Corey owns a small club called The Velour and it is one of the venues that got the band started on their rise to fame when they played shows , and won The Battle of The Bands contest. Donations can be made via Venmo @ FREETHEFOX

LIVE with Imagine Dragons #FreeTheFox - YouTube

My favorite part of the livestream was when Corey held up a card from his list of contacts. The card held the original name of the band-Lavender! Even Dan Reynolds had forgotten!

Fans called in during the fundraising and one of the callers mentioned a song called Dolphins. A clip of the song can be heard at the end of this YouTube video called Audio Files. Matt Easton worked on Audio Files and he most recently worked with Imagine Dragons on their video for Wrecked.
Another caller mentioned a song called Stars. I haven’t even heard of that one!
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Dan Reynolds mentioned that the band has plans to re-release some of their early work.

One Firebreather asked why the new album is called Mercury Act One.

Dan answered that the original name, “Mercurial,” was too difficult to pronounce. The bad also alluded to an Act 2 being released. That wouldn’t be a surprise because they’ve had 3 years to work on new music.
🎵Welcome to the new age!

A new era of music arrives soon!