Imagine Dragons is my favorite band! When they put on a live show everyone sings along. The music communicates high highs, low lows, love songs, and and epic arena anthems.
Think of how carefully one might choose a wedding song!
Sometimes their music inspires interpretive dance, sometimes artwork.
I found this picture by Raquel Leticia on Twitter and just had to share.
🐾🐾Dan Reynolds got a dog!🐾🐾-330a5f50-7060-40c5-9f9c-de110028e21e-jpg

Dan bought a dog for his family. A Komondor named after the Hungarian word for snow.
I hope they enjoy the unconditional love and constant antics a puppy will bring!
🐾🐾Dan Reynolds got a dog!🐾🐾-b3e41ae3-73b3-4a52-8fbc-115959be3893-jpg🐾🐾Dan Reynolds got a dog!🐾🐾-e7c0a681-a5f2-4891-9355-903b24a39b42-jpg🐾🐾Dan Reynolds got a dog!🐾🐾-27a8eace-2a80-4bc7-8cfb-c748744a6f12-jpg

Dan invited us to try a new restaurant owned by his sister in law.
🐾🐾Dan Reynolds got a dog!🐾🐾-7e4b198a-8aec-4a5d-9c23-bc4c7321e4b1-jpg

🐾🐾Dan Reynolds got a dog!🐾🐾-3ac2427c-d634-4916-b293-b525027c3c36-jpg
One of the most recent concerts in Quebec, Canada was rained out after the second song.😢

Iím a bit sad that there is no tour for Origins but after 10 years on the road, my favorite band certainly deserves some rest and relaxation. I canít wait to hear the music inspired by the long break. The Sermon family and the Reynolds family are having some much needed family time.

🐾🐾Dan Reynolds got a dog!🐾🐾-8398e0ad-60c2-4de2-bbce-6d9b8d1280b7-jpg
Dan and Aja are most excited to welcome their first son who is expected in October. Dan apologized to his wife in advance because he weighed 10 pounds at birth.
Talk about being on top of the word!🌎