🎵Iím never changing who I am
Imagine Dragons
Itís Time

A recent post by Aja shows her poking Dan with her finger and Dan giving her the stink eye!
She joked the irritating him is one of her favorite pastimes.
Since Dan had his cell phone in his hands, I was reminded of the song Real Life!
🎵Hey, turn your phone off, wonít you look me in the eye.
👉Eight Years since Batman Jammies. 👉-c2bd440c-04a3-4c67-96ee-77fa8a4f0d1b-jpg👉Eight Years since Batman Jammies. 👉-104210fb-e6b5-4f23-be52-e3a487f80daa-jpg
It also reminded me of the video for Batman Jammies.
In the video, Aja keeps poking Danís cheek to make him laugh during the song.
Iím so happy theyíre back together!

Batman Jammies - YouTube