Edward Bulwer wrote, The pen is mightier than the sword.
Music critics recently attacked Dan Reynolds himself in a very personal critique. One article called Imagine Dragons the worst band ever. Im not even going to post links to those articles here. Even fellow musicians jumped on the bandwagon and the result was a very hurt Dan.
The Song is Mightier Than The Sword-ad4fe636-0bf9-4d02-b083-b4df3ed3ba65-jpgThe Song is Mightier Than The Sword-017d3c4c-ca44-4295-aafa-1d01455d441d-jpg
Dan even talked about retirement! He finally settled on taking a VERY LONG break instead.
Imagine Dragons''' Leader on Oprah and Brushing Off the Haters - The New York Times
Im a bit sad because I was hoping for an Origins concert tour this year. The music is a lifeline for me.
Im also happy for my favorite band in the world to take some time off. Im pretty certain they are the most traveled band in history.
The Song is Mightier Than The Sword-e889a2e0-50ef-42a2-9e48-ccde93841266-jpgThe Song is Mightier Than The Sword-718e3b96-2f47-477e-9312-c419fadffe19-jpgThe Song is Mightier Than The Sword-749a92fa-b6e6-48e5-845c-d6dd140cda73-jpg
Im happier about Dan and Aja getting back together than I would be about a new album.
I also know Imagine Dragons work very hard during their breaks. Projects coming up include LoveLoud 2019 and The TRF Gala 2019!
I say the song is mightier than the sword.
To quote my hero...Haterss gonna hate. I gonna eat my cereal, Dan Reynolds.