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Thread: Imagine Dragons On Ice!

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    Imagine Dragons On Ice!

    Imagine Dragons played Whatever It Takes at the Stanley Cup Playoffs last night. Even the camera operator was on skates. It was interesting that Platzman did not put his drums on the ice.

    Imagine Dragons Supporters shared... - Imagine Dragons Supporters | Facebook

    Imagine Dragons On Ice!-970566a7-f280-47e2-90f1-122678f4d93f-jpg
    Wayne kissing Flat Stanley Cup for luck.

    Imagine Dragons On Ice!-1313a509-425e-469c-bfa5-5e2e843029ed-jpg
    Ben put pieces of napkin in his ears while watching the game. I guess the crowd was really loud.

    Imagine Dragons On Ice!-2a7cc49d-e40e-4e54-ad2a-83df034b55cd-jpg
    Ronald Reynolds posted this great picture of the family supporting Imagine Dragons.

    Imagine Dragons On Ice!-274668c8-02fc-40eb-9734-60945db71ba9-jpg
    Ben posted this neat picture of his shoes!

    Imagine Dragons were trending #1 on Twitter!
    That part was cool. The uncool part was comments from haters on Twitter. Dan Reynolds spent some time answering the mean tweets with snarky comments of his own but he posted them from the Imagine Dragons account.

    Imagine Dragons On Ice!-5d43a12a-2651-40d2-8acd-89ccea700206-jpgImagine Dragons On Ice!-0ddf9063-d6d5-4d37-b3fb-0810c08121b4-jpg
    Platz is my hero!
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