Hey guys! It's been a long time since I've been here for the last time (and that makes me a bit nervous to talk here...)

Anyways, you might have seen it going around on Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr already that I'm doing a quite huge project for a gift I want to give Imagine Dragons when I meet them this April. As the title says it's for a printed version of the Firebreatheronary (the fan made dictionary I'm doing for a while now ) and this project is already in it's second phase which is also already nearing its end. To be exact, there are only 9 days left to submit whatever you can.
I've made a masterpost about it on Tumblr Firebreatheronary — Firebreatheronary Printing Project Phase 2 But here's the essentials:

- you can submit profile or header pictures as well as one that could be used as a cover for the printed book
- you can submit example sentences that give an iea of how to use the entries in the dictionary

BUT I will only accept submissions through the Google Form I created for this Firebreatheronary Printing Project Phase 2

Also, I'm always on the Firebreatheronary's social media (or on my personal) to answer any questions you may have. Never fear to reach out to me
I'd really appreciate your help and give you all the credit you clearly deserve!

Thanks a billion in advance and much love from me,
Phoebe <8