🎵Last Christmas I gave you my heart
🎵But the very next day you gave it away
🎵This year
🎵To save me from tears
🎵Ill give it to someone special
🎵Once bitten and twice shy
🎵I keep my distance
🎵But you still catch my eye
🎵Tell me baby
🎵Do you recognize me?
🎵Well its been a year
🎵It doesnt surprise me
((Merry Christmas)

Last Christmas. Remembering George Michael-827e8e54-480f-471e-ae48-24f384670a2f-jpgLast Christmas. Remembering George Michael-d2f0f3d2-bd84-4d3c-8512-5186e17eaa5f-jpg

Last Christmas. Remembering George Michael-f1c54be2-576b-45d7-9a8e-8f3eac6d3a71-jpgLast Christmas. Remembering George Michael-d94628b5-d4a0-4361-9e92-b46632db643a-jpg

George Michael: Family Posts Tribute | Billboard

Its a beautiful voice on the recoding track. Written, produced, and sung by George Michael.
Its haunting.
A Christmas song about a failed relationship.
A eulogy.
How is it possible?
George Micheal wrote his own eulogy?
How can I come to terms with his death a year ago on Christmas Day?
I hear a few notes of his songs, his angelic voice, and it feels like a time machine to the early 80s!

Wham! - Last Christmas (Official Video) - YouTube

People who sound happy sometimes arent. Just days ago, the world lost mega famous K-pop star, Kim Jong-hyun. Kims suicide note read, Im broken from the inside. The depression that has slowly eaten away at me has finally consumed me.

Theres some type of unfortunate link between depression and creativity. Wearing ones feelings on the outside can be unbearably painful.
Im still in disbelief. Im sending love to these artists families, their friends, their fans. Trying to be brave and remember the beautiful music, and the beautiful people that have now left us.