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  • Legends of Imagine Dragons: Brittany and Andrew Tolman

    "Celebrating 7 years with this babe"
    Source: Andrew Tolman on facebook, December 27th 2015

    Brittany and Andrew Tolman are two of the most well known former members of Imagine Dragons.

    Before Daniel Platzman joined the band in 2011, Andrew was the drummer, and was also one of the original band members since the first group formed in Utah in 2008.

    When Dan Reynolds decided to take the band to Las Vegas in 2009, the only member to continue with the band was Andrew. They left behind 3 of the original members, including a guitar player, a bass guitar player, and a keyboardist. When Dan Reynolds and Andrew Tolman were bringing in new members of the band, Andrew's wife Brittany, whom he had just married the year before, joined on keys.

    After a year or so, the Tolman's decided to move back to Utah and start a family. In 2011, Andrew has joined another band called The Moth & The Flame and is the drummer/backup vocalist. They currently released their debut album "Young and Unafraid" with great reviews from the Firebreather community.

    "Young and Unafraid" (2016)
    By The Moth & The Flame

    Why did the Tolman's leave the group? That is the looming question that has many wondering.

    Dan Reynolds: "There are people out there still curious about what actually happened to them and they deserve to know. The Tolman’s are married and they both sacrificed quite a lot for this band. They moved from their home in Utah to Las Vegas to start Imagine Dragons with us. Brittany, from the very beginning, had told us this wasn’t her thing to be in a band. She would be a temporary keyboardist for us until we could find someone to take her place. Her desire was to start a family with Andrew and be a mother. It just so happened that we couldn’t find a keyboardist to replace her for quite a while. This went on for over a year. Finally it just came to the point where Andrew and Brittany had to make a choice. It’s hard being a musician. You’re in a new town every day, you are traveling, and you’re really living off of nothing in the early years, absolutely nothing. We were all scraping by, playing cover gigs on the side, so it was hard on us. The day finally came where Brittany and Andrew said they were ready to start a family, and they wanted to settle back in Utah. They just weren’t going to be able to continue on with the band. Everyone absolutely respected their decision, and today we’re still really good friends. There was no blow out at all between us. They wanted to pursue their lives together, have children, and do it back in Utah." -On Tour Monthly Interview with Imagine Dragons (2013)

    The Tolman's are still friends with the members of Imagine Dragons, and The Moth & The Flame even did some tour dates with Imagine Dragons back in 2013. Below are some photographs from the current year (2016).

    Brittany and Andrew with Alex, River & Wayne Sermon, January 2016
    Source: Alex Sermon on Instagram

    Andrew Tolman's Birthday Party January 9th, 2016
    Source: Andrew Tolman on facebook