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  • Imagine Dragons Live! Coming to Cinemas March 2nd

    Article: #one4 Project: Helping Refugees - Get Involved-id4-jpg

    Finally the leaked news of the Imagine Dragons Movie has been confirmed today by Imagine Dragons as they shared a fantastic article from Rolling Stone Magazine on their twitter feed and sent out a newsletter to their fans.

    The event will be in cinemas on March 2nd and tickets are available from Fathom Events website. Please check the website for participating theaters in your area.

    This visually stunning concert was captured in front of 15,000 fans in Toronto, Canada and features the songs Radioactive, I Bet My Life, Demons and more. A select number of cinemas will also be screening the concert in 4K & Dolby Atmos, providing a powerfully immersive and moving audio experience for the cinema audience.

    ďWe put more blood, sweat and lasers into planning the Smoke + Mirrors Tour than any performance we've given to date, and it's something we'll always remember. This event captures that live energy in an incredibly immersive way. We can't wait to show it to fans all over the world who either want to re-live the experience we shared together or see it for the first time." Imagine Dragons

    Source: Imaginedragonsmusic.com

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    1. Rena Snow's Avatar
      Rena Snow -
      YEY! There are three cinemas that will show this Movie in my city, I`m so happy!^___________^
    1. jodikayjohnson's Avatar
      jodikayjohnson -
      Is this movie in the cinemas going to be the exact same as the dvd that they are going to release?
    1. ringosmomma's Avatar
      ringosmomma -

      I cant wait!!!
    1. +Lisa+'s Avatar
      +Lisa+ -
      Quote Originally Posted by jodikayjohnson View Post
      Is this movie in the cinemas going to be the exact same as the dvd that they are going to release?
      I would guess it will be also put on DVD, at least I hope so!

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    1. +Lisa+'s Avatar
      +Lisa+ -
      I need to get my tickets today! I'm excited that the dragons are each going to see it in a different theater- you never know it could be YOURS!
    1. firebreather934's Avatar
      firebreather934 -
      I CAN'T WAIT!
    1. +Lisa+'s Avatar
      +Lisa+ -
      Ok with all 6 people in my family plus my sons girl friend it was $107 but totally worth it!

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