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  • Imagine Dragons Tops Billboard for Most Weeks Spent on Top 100

    Song Lyrics:  I Bet My Life-imagine-dragons-billboard-2015-650-jpg

    Imagine Dragons Tops the Billboard Charts for most weeks spent on the Billboard Top 100!

    With an amazing 87 weeks spent on the charts, it's no wonder Imagine Dragons have created a name for themselves.

    "Some songs seem to never wear out their welcomes. Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive" leads the list of singles that have charted on the Hot 100 the longest, having totaled 87 weeks on the chart. The track ran up its long run thanks largely to its crossover from the alternative radio format before becoming a staple on pop and adult airwaves."- Billboard.com

    Radioactive also topped the Billboard charts with being #1 for 23 Weeks!