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    Do you want to share a little more about who you are and how you became an Imagine Dragons fan and share your story in our Member Spotlights section?

    To each other, we have become united in music. We have made true friendships. We have struggles, we have stories.

    In a see of hundreds of thousands of Firebreathers, you are only one.

    But WE want to know who you are!

    Hoping someday, the Dragons will find this section, and get to know all of us!

    In the meantime, we have each other, and the support of the Firebreathers is like no other!

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    Please tell how you became an Imagine Dragons fan (aka Firebreather), if you have been to any concerts, had the pleasure of meeting them, ect. Give us your "Imagine Dragons Story"
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    1. +Lisa+'s Avatar
      +Lisa+ -
      Okay who is next to do a member spotlight? Any volunteers?
    1. juliadragons's Avatar
      juliadragons -
      Hi!! My name is Julia, I'm a Firebreather. The people say that I'm young to have a favorite group for ever and ever but, the music of Imagine Dragons make me feel in other world and make me feel alive. When I'm traveling I always listen to their music.

      My father is a Firebreather too. We go to concerts of they here in Spain. He promise me VIP tickets for their next concert.

      My dream is meet they and I'm always thinking ways to can do it😂😂.

      How I meet their music? Easy, I was searching parodies of songs and then appear one of Radioactive. After listen the parody I said to myself "You have to listen the original". When I listen the original I fall in love with they.

      And this is my history, thanks everyone😘😘