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  • #one4 Project: Helping Refugees - Get Involved

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    Dan & Aja Reynolds with refugees at a camp in Germany

    That day
    My eyes were opened up to a very serious problem I had no idea about.

    That day
    I was painting my bathroom in my beautiful house, with Imagine Dragons on the radio.

    That day
    I took a break from my painting to check out twitter.

    That day
    I cried with my twitter Firebreather friends when I learned about the refugee crisis.

    That day
    I became #one4 something important.

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    All I had to do was download a wonderful song, and tell my friends and family about it too. How easy we have it, don't you think?

    The #one4 project is just an amazing way to see that the support of one person can go a long way. Imagine Dragons released a song called "I Was Me" specifically to help benefit the refugees, where 100% of the proceeds from the song will be donated.

    I learned that while I am living comfortably in my warm home, imagine if it was taken from me? I am a proud person and proud of my family, my 4 wonderful children, my job, my friends, my home, my neighborhood.... imagine it all being snatched away?

    I want to continue spreading this message, and let us not forget about this fundraiser. If you have not yet, please download the song on iTunes, for a little more than a dollar you can support this cause.

    Please share with us your #one4 pictures below!

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    1. +Gina+'s Avatar
      +Gina+ -
      Such a great cause
      I'm loving the site so far!!
    1. Rena Snow's Avatar
      Rena Snow -
      I had the same feelings during the concert in Cardiff, where Dan gave his speech about refugees. I started crying just there, and "I was me" now have a comletely different meaning comparing to what I thought about this song before.
      Also, Dan really opened my eyes on refugees` crisis. Previously, I used to ignore this issue and even felt a bit agressive about refugees, because I knew little about what is really going on. But now started to calmly persuade my family members and friends to change their views on this situation.