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Thread: Arena Anhembi Sao Paulo & Destination Unknown iHeartRadio 2015 .mp3s

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    TrophiesArena Anhembi Sao Paulo & Destination Unknown iHeartRadio 2015 .mp3s Arena Anhembi Sao Paulo & Destination Unknown iHeartRadio 2015 .mp3s

    Arena Anhembi Sao Paulo & Destination Unknown iHeartRadio 2015 .mp3s

    Alright, so this time I got more then just 1 album but I got 2 for 1 post!

    Not really exciting tbh, sounds cooler in my head when I sound like a salesman.

    So for the first album we have Arena Anhembi Sao Paulo.

    This has 17 .mp3s.

    Link to image incase you can't read it. http://i.imgur.com/gEF3uv0.png

    So, there are lots of good songs there. Some people complain saying their concert's weren't as good as that one. I really like Hopeless Opus in it.

    Before you flip out, some of the audio files are a bit shakey, Gold is quite a bit sadly. One of the songs was so bad I had to scrap it, won't say which song it was so no one gets upset their fav wasn't in it if it was their fav.

    Download Link:
    Imagine Dragons - Arena Anhembi Sao Paulo

    And after that we have Destination Unknown iHeartRadio 2015

    Featuring the following songs:

    Link to image itself if you can't read it. http://i.imgur.com/GbmeJ6i.png

    So, this has a few good ones too. And has Roots in it, which is pretty cool.

    It don't exactly have 100% great sound quality, I can listen to it and be fine. Not sure if you will be able to stand it. And I believe I think it is Demons is listed, but it isn't actually there. I accidentally replaced Demons with Stand By Me, so you should probably delete it as it is just Stand By Me listed as Demons.

    Download Link:
    Imagine Dragons - Destination Unknown iHeartRadio 2015


    Also, I scrapped doing .wavs as they are just a waste of time.

    And next I plan to do these 2 concerts.

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